Welcome to our boxes of joy. These are boxes of dried flowers carefully chosen to bring you lots ofjoy.

There are three to choose from:


Each box has a variety of flowers in different shades, textures and form which you can play with to make your own unique design. They all have similar stem length so don’t be afraid to cut them to fit into your own vase , jug, bottle or whatever vessel you choose . As a whole they make a lovely bouquet but if you are looking for a smaller design you can always divide them into two smaller posies. The choice is all yours. We have some photos to give you inspiration ideas but these boxes are designed for you to let your imagination go, have a play, have fun. And remember you can always change your mind that is the beauty of dried flowers! We would love to see your creations just take a photo and tag us on Instagram.


Pretty in Pink contains:

Delphinium Pink , Delphinium white, Statice apricot, Panicum Frosted Explosion, Wheat, Quacking Grass, Deschampsia, Miscanthus


Striking Blues contains:

Delphiniums Blue, Statice Lilac, Wheat, Deschampsia, Quacking Grass, Panicum Frosted Explosion, Panicum


Soothing Grasses contains:

Astrantia, Quacking Grass, Nigella Seedhead, Purple Panicum, Poppy Heads, Catananche,Wheat, Deschampsia, Panicum, Duacus


Box of Joy